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Originally Posted by DiNKy View Post
what are puppy mills? all the pet stores in my area have dogs and cats for adoption on certain days of the week, but they are all animals from local rescue shelters. the animals cost anywhere from $65 to $85 to adopt. i always thought it was pretty convienient; you can pick up a pet and in the same store buy everything he/she needs.
I am new here and from the other side of the world.
But over here we have shops and so called animal loving stores also. One good rule to follow is.. if they charge you, it is a scam. They are even breeding for profit. The real shelters here (if they can afford) will even pay you for a year of medical services if you adopt one of their animals.

Whe i got one of my dogs, they first came to check me out. Then i had to agree to bring him in every 3 months for a check up. He had a better medical plan then i ever had.

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