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There's other reason's a dog can health..I had a boser who was about 10 years old, I had to put him down...his hind legs were bad and he couldn't go up stairs or up on the couch anymore...and it came to a point where he just got tired of it...He attacked a few people, luckily I caught him before he could do any harm to anyone...Putting him down was the hardestthing Iever did...the last thing he ever did was give me a kiss...(I like to think he was thanking me) he never even got to bring his big juicy tongue back in....(wipes a tear)....

The problem I have here is that you said..pitbulls are known to turn...but they aren' fact they are known for their rock-solid your case I'm guesing the dog was about 1 year and a half old or so...and was most likely tryint to re-assert her position in the familly pack...I went through this twice, once with Odie and once with Maggie...through vigilant leadership and a close eye, they have found their places and I trust them 100% around anyone and everyone....

as for the's pretty bad when if the attack comes form a "non-bully" breed that the headline will read a dog attacked so and so...but if a pit-bull attacked a burglar while defending his 85 year old's a "PIT-BULL ATTACK"....not dog saves owner....
Staffies-the king of breeds-a work horse-a cuddly licking machine-found in the top ten breeds for kids by the southhampton U-so comitted to their people they are willing to do anything to please them...the only breed for me
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