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My Pom, Nicky, does the hacking thing and it is NOT the same thing as the reverse sneezing because he reverse sneezes as well. I posted this problem months ago but no one knew what to tell me. Nicky has very long hair and it gets EVERYWHERE so all I can do is assume that he's hacking up a hairball. He does it over and over but nothing ever comes up.

Reverse Sneezing
Nicky doesn't reverse sneeze often but when he does, I rub his throat from top to bottom to try and help him swallow. Its kind of scary to witness but you have to remain calm and help your pooch through it. My pug, my Lhasa, and my Shih-Pooh used to do it ALL the time.

Two Moms and a Pom!

I looked at all the caged animals in the shelter...the cast-offs of human society. I saw in their eyes love and hope, fear and dread, sadness and betrayal. And I was angry. "God," I said, "this is terrible! Why don't you do something?" God was silent for a moment and then He spoke softly. "I have done something," He replied, "I created you." -The Animal's Savior, Copyright Jim Willis 1999
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