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I understand all the benefits of neutering. Both my cats are also neutered. Almost all of the benefits listed are for human convience once again:

Prevents pregnancy
Prevents false pregnancy
Prevents the complications of pregnancy and delivery
Eliminates heat cycles and stops the bloody discharge
Ends crying, nervous pacing, and frantic efforts to get out and find a mate
Reduces the urge to roam, thus reducing the risk of losing a pet, infectious diseases, fights, injury, trapping, cruelty, poisoning, or death in traffic
Prevents visits from unwelcome males attracted to the scent of a female in heat
Eliminates or reduces the incidence of disease, infection, and cancer of the reproductive system
Reduces stress, which can lead to increased susceptibility to disease

The last two seem sort of ridiculous to me. For the disease and cancer part, that means that maybe human beings should get spayed and neutered too. Stress?! Stress because they want a mate, right? So then why keep them as a pet? It is just for our convience, period. I am not against that, we want our kitties to be happy and we want to be happy with our kitties. Still, no different than declawing.