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I don't understand how people can say that declawing is mutilation/inhumane etc etc. and then turn around and promote neutering and spaying. When a cat is "fixed", that can also be considered mutilation. It is a surgery done to prevent unwanted kittens, spraying, among other problems. This is also for human convience!
Let me explain. Spaying and neutering not only prevents mammary cancer, testicular cancer, male cats wandering and getting in fights, pyometra and false pregnancies, it prevents UNWANTED LITTERS. It would prevent suffering of countless unwanted animals.

Cats and dogs are extremely overpopulated and dying in record numbers in shelters, being dumped on roads and overloading all rescues. Right now, I know of 32 kittens needing homes. They are sitting in cages in vet's offices, and THEY are the lucky ones. The others are born outside and live and die with no one ever knowing. Spaying and neutering would have prevented this.

Right now, there are 100,000 homeless dogs and many more homeless cats listed on Petfinder. These are the direct result of people who are too irresponsible to s/n their pets.

This is what spaying and neutering is for.

It is NOT for convenience. Amputating the ends of a cat's toes so it can't scratch furniture is for convenience. Do you see the difference?