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Angry Declawing Is As Inhumane As Neutering/Spaying!

I don't understand how people can say that declawing is mutilation/inhumane etc etc. and then turn around and promote neutering and spaying. When a cat is "fixed", that can also be considered mutilation. It is a surgery done to prevent unwanted kittens, spraying, among other problems. This is also for human convience! Declawing is no different. As long as you have a good vet that doesn't butcher the cat's paws, there is no issue. Both of my cats are declawed and both recovered immediately. In fact, I saw neither of them experience any pain, even when their paws were touched. They were both playing, scratching at things...basically, they were fine. The same went for their neutering. Also, this alternative solution, with capping the nails with plastic sounds much worse. The cat would then think they had claws and attempt to jump up on things using their claws, only to slide down. My cats are now 3 and 5 years old and, having been declawed as a kitten, have never fallen/hurt themselves due to not having claws. So, I ask you, if neutering is fine, why isn't declawing? Both are for human convience, so people could argue that having a cat as a pet at all is inhumane and cruel! It simply isn't. Declawing and neutering are both your choice.