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Tiggerclr,,,,, just to mention this,,,, two years ago my dog, collie/golden retriever cross, quit eating one day. after a few days, we knew it wasn't just being silly, so at the vets we started the tests,,,,, needless to say i had to soften food, and make her eat some. she lost 9 lbs in 3 weeks, with really no results from tests. friends had some similar problem and found out their dog had Addisons disease,,,,, controlled with meds. i asked to have this test done,,,,,$180.00 for test. but they admitted her in morning, took a blood test,,,, injected her with a serum to activate gland that produces hormores associated with brain activity telling them they are hungry... then another blood test,,,, then home at noon . she came in the house,,, straight to her food container and scratched for food. i fed her,,, same at suppertime,,, she ate and before bed she wanted more.... next day breakfast was good then the injection started to wear off and back to not wanting to eat again... SO vet gave me meds for Addisons which after about 4 weeks i weened her off them like vet said to ,,,, been fine ever since. Now she seems to be drinking water a lot,,,, after 3 weeks of this, back to vet last Sat. jan 13/07 at which time she said Taylor looks in great health,,, little overweight but no signs of a problem... but she too blood for testing and monday i am to collect urine and stool samples for testing also. Vet did say her eyes were very very slightly cloudy, but not overly, or like a catarac problem. I will collect the urine from her first pee in morning as that will not be diluted with all the water she drinks,,,, so outside at about 5:30 am with my rubbermaid containers. will update. and thanks so much for letting me join this forum,,, i found it very interesting, and lots of caring people of pets too.[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]
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