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Originally Posted by DiNKy View Post
ok, what i had meant was, yes a pitbull has been known to turn on its owner, you've seen it on the news, but the news gets it wrong sometimes, like you pointed out earlier.....but like i said this is a pit bull forum, so i am discussing pit bulls.
But what you won't understand or accept is that ANY dog can turn on their owner, not just pits. How many times do we have to repeat this? It's like a broken record. The media pretty much only reports pit attacks, not many others. Again, IT'S HOW THE DOG IS RAISED!!! This isn't necessarily a pitbull forum within the board, but a forum to discuss BSL that is in effect in a lot of places in Canada and the US. We are trying to fight it here. Think about it, which breed is next on the list aside from the obvious Rotti, Dogo, Dobie, GSD? Look in Italy, they have Corgi's banned! Who knows, your precious little Doxie may be on the list.
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