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Originally Posted by Prin View Post
I've already pointed out one of the generalizations you made, so you can't hardly say you didn't make any.
ok, what i had meant was, yes a pitbull has been known to turn on its owner, you've seen it on the news, but the news gets it wrong sometimes, like you pointed out earlier. but the media is not always wrong, i've watched the news where it was a pitbull that was being taken by animal control, and i've seen them accuse a boxer of being a pit. thus its not only pit bulls that can turn on their owners, but other breeds as well. but this is a pit bull forum, and i was only trying to inform people that come here to read about pit bulls, that it can happen and to research the breeders thoroughly. but as everyone has stated, it doesnt just apply to pits, but to all breeds. but like i said this is a pit bull forum, so i am discussing pit bulls.
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