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Originally Posted by pitgrrl View Post
Clearly you were not prepared for the extreme level of management and responsibiltiy owning a dog like tht would require, which is fine, but why, why, why is it better for this dog to spend the next 10+ years at a shelter?

you're right i was not prepared to have my dog do what she did. i dont think any good owner prepares themselves for when their dog will start to turn on them. but i was prepared for the management and responsibility of owning a pit bull (i had owned one before). and as for the choice i made regarding her life. it may have not been the best choice, but i had owned her for a while and i didnt want her to just die. and maybe i did make the wrong choice :sad: , thats probably why i quit going to check on her. i'm not going to argue that i made the right decision, i honestly just didnt know what to do.
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