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Originally Posted by DiNKy View Post
they take in all dogs that they can, and if they do not pass a temperment test they keep them at their facility for the remainder of their lives.
I was really trying to stay out of this, but I just have to say that I find this really awful. Obviously we can all sit back and theorize about whether your dog was truely unsound or if with some proffessional help and patience her behvior could have been dealt with, but lets, for a moment, assume she was truely of unsound temperment.
Clearly you were not prepared for the extreme level of management and responsibiltiy owning a dog like tht would require, which is fine, but why, why, why is it better for this dog to spend the next 10+ years at a shelter?
It makes the owner feel better that the dog is still alive, but is it really better for the dog?
I realize what's done is done at this point, and that with a breed whose reputation is in so much trouble sometimes really hard decisions have to be made, but I would hate to think that anyone reading this would see bringing an unsound dog to a no-kill shelter is a viable, compassionate or responsible solution.

I would also urge you, as others have already mentionned, not to use your own experiences to make generalizations about an entire breed. It seems as though your past fear of these dogs, and your experience, has left you with a pretty significant distrust of pit bulls, as you seem to imply in your posts that a sound pit bull is almost an exception to the rule. A fear, though perhaps understandlable, is not necessarily reality however.
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