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My boy :love: is 12 1/2 and was diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis just a year ago. One of his legs just gave out when he went for a drink of water, and he was fine moments before that. I was afraid of a stroke, but his vet said that doesn't happen often. She put him on Metacam and its working great. It took him awhile, but he went from having to stop and sit every little bit to walking normally again. He also has a memory foam bed, and he sleeps very comfortably on it. It also keeps his joints warm. He's a bit stiff his first few steps, but then I am, too!! He still has an occasional bad day, but he's got the spirit of a puppy, and that's what we go on. You might suggest the Metacam to your vet. Be forewarned: it's pricey - a six week supply costs us $105. But it's worth it to keep him healthy. We bought our memory foam bed for about $20 at Walmart. Good luck with your girl!
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