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I too have come to know the different types of vomiting. My female cat Finn is the vomiter in our house, she sometimes eats too fast and up comes her dinner, this happens infrequently and is only a singular occurance when she does it. But one time after her annual check up with vaccinations, she began to act strangely and an hour after bringing her home she began to vomit, in the hour after that she vomited about 4 or 5 times, mostly stomach acid. She was also straining to make a bowel movement in the litterbox. So we rushed her to the emergency vet clinic and they checked her over and concluded that she had taken a reaction to her vaccinations that afternoon.

I think the tip off that something is wrong is when there are multiple vomit episodes in a very short time or any unusual vomiting that is not normal for your cat. Our other cat Angus has never vomited, never even a furball, so if he was to vomit we would definitely not hesitate to bring him to the vet to be checked over.

Sidenote: Finn is very considerate when she vomits, she only does it on hard floors, never on the carpeting. Good kitty.
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