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Cat talk to itself - Answered by Dr. Van Lienden

Hi everyone! My youngest cat seems to be talking to herself now. It started about a week ago. It sounds nothing like heat sounds either. She was an abandoned kitten that we found on our doorstep. I'd estimate her to be about 6 months old now. She isn't fixed yet. She will only talk to herself when she is in either the far hallway or the bathroom. She only does it in 4 specific places. Sitting on the laundry hamper, sitting at the mirror in the hall, sitting at the door to the spare room (No one lives in that room, tis only storage) or sitting by the tub in the bathroom. She also does not do this when the humans in the apartment are sleeping (I am an insanely light sleeper. Her purring wakes me, let alone meowing loudly). The meows are lacking any sort of major emotional markers. They don't sound urgent, angry, scared, pained, etc. They're really very neutral, if not light hearted. I just wonder if anyone has a cat that does this, and what it might mean, if anything at all? I shall include some pics in case someone would like to correct me on estimated age? She is the black and white one, and if the size difference is any help, the grey tabby is 4 years old and is about 11lbs.
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