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Bloodtests provide info on bloodclotting times, liver, kidney, pancreas health, WBC can tell them if there is a current infection , some things can not be determined simply by a physical exam alone, some issues the vet can get around safely by using different combos of anethesia drugs, other issues may warrant antibiobics first and holding off on the surgery, other issues may require whole blood transfusions prior to the surgery taking place to get the animal through alive, animal do die in surgery that is the reason you are required to sign a release form prior to surgery absolving the vet from blame should your pet not survive.

With Maya she looks absolutely healthy she is playful and activel has a great shiny coat, the absolute picture of heath,her first physical was fine but at 2 years old big surprises were learned ,

but she has a blood clotting disorder, a factor in her blood that allows it to clot is barely there, which means she require transfusions to ensure clotting and healing will take place, she also suffers from hyperthermia, drugs have to be carefully chosen, she needs to be sedated and operated on right away do to stress disorder, a certain med needs to be on standby ready to inject immediately if she starts to crash during sugery, she would likely be referred to another clinic that has the equipment for laser surgery, throughout her entire surgery and recovery her temperature and respiratory must be closely monitered that means in recovery she cannot be left alone and just checked on from time to time, extra staff has to be brought to ensure her vitals are monitored 100% of the time of her stay.
Even though we know this today if she has surgery a month from know I still want another bloodtest then as well to check for any changes new problems that could cause problems.
If I had not done annual bloodwork and decided to forgo presurgery bloodwork, chances are she would not live thru the surgery.

I know there have been several posts here from people who have lost pets during routine surgeries a blood test is a lot cheaper than paying for a cremation.

As far as costs, a vet in the Toronto area has significantly higher operating cost, rents, mortgages and city taxes have to paid they often have more modern technologies compared to rural vets, I pay less I am in a small city taxes and property costs here are way lower than Toronto , here a person can buy a mansion for a million in the heart of Toronto you may be likely to find a fixer upper, so that difference get reflected in how much a vet charges

Another factor is the technologies the vet has in his practice, some offer laser surgeries and have their own ultra sound equipment, that equipment is very expensive to have but can make the difference in life and death in diagnosing in on the surgery table
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