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Originally Posted by Inisfad View Post
I may make some enemies here, but I have to say that, unless a cat was really unhealthy to begin with (and then probably a spay at that time wouldn't be advisable anyway), I have never done any bloodwork prior to a spay or neuter.

Me either, unless the vet has reason to believe there is something wrong with the cat. Quite honestly, I wouldn't be able to afford to spay/neuter my own cats and ferals at $400 each. I guess in that case I would just have far fewer cats than the 5 I have now, and the ferals I feed would be allowed to breed rampantly all year long. Is that a better option than getting them fixed at a cheaper spay/neuter clinic with no bloodwork done? I don't think so. By the way, it is my own vet that runs the spay/neuter clinic at Vanier College and I trust her judgement 100%. If she doesn't feel the need for bloodwork, then neither do I.
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