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Who are the members and What types of pets do you have?

Hi, I'm Jane, new member who's still exploring all the little nooks and crannies of this site and came upon this. I currently have 8 cats (which could change at any moment - all my pets are strays and you just never know when another's going to pop in). Anyway, 8 cats, Mallory, Simon, Herman, Cooper, Darwin, Frisky, Peri and Dobbie, and one dog, Tucker, that I found in the local supermarket (scrounging for food). I'm originally from NY, but now live in a very rural, remote part of Ireland. Much easier to have pets (or rescue strays) here, as there's a lot more room. In NY, at one point, I had 4 dogs and 15 cats, all abandoned. My philosophy is that you have a 20 foot radius around you, and anything that comes into that area, that needs assistance, you must help. OK, so I often extend that measurement a little. But you know what I mean.
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