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I feel so sorry for all of you who can't find low-cost clinics. Here in Georgia, Petco has a vet that comes into the store and sets up a low-cost clinic right there in the middle of one of the aisles! All you have to do is get there early and get in line. Shots and other things cost 50% less than what you'd pay at a vet's office. While we were taking Minnie (stray kitty) there for shots, we were given a flyer for the Atlanta Animal Alliance and they have something called project catsnip. You can read about them on They are a non-profit, low-cost mobile clinic. I just went on the website and made a reservation for Minnie and her spay will only be $60.00. Everything else including blood work and pain meds are free. They even include a free rabies shot. Dogs are $40.00 to get fixed. Maybe they travel to Canada? Check it out. I wish you all luck in finding affordable vet care. And to the moderators, forgive me if I wasn't allowed to post this information, just trying to help.
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