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I'm always asked if I want pre-op bloodwork and I usually say no, unless the vet finds something suspicious during the initial examination; and I have to sign a paper stating my refusal, probably so that if anything goes wrong during the op because of an underlying condition, I can't hold them responsible. It does not include testing for viruses, that would be an additional $50 each. My vet provides basic vaccs and neutering (male) for $125, which is cheap compared to what I'm reading here. This includes the initial exam, which is basically just a once over (teeth, eyes, ears and a feel-up).
I may have posted this before, but when some vets in BC (all, or almost all, of East Indian origin) got together and decided to offer cheap spay/neutering to their clients, they were hounded by their professional association and other vets, who ended up challenging their mastery of English! I have no idea if they went ahead, but I think these professional associations can be real bullies, and are basically untouchable (see Canadian College of Physicians and Surgeons, a secret society if there ever was one).
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