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Due to having spayed/neutered (and vaccinated etc.) a 5-cat feral family over the past 6 mos., I am soooo somehow moving towards some sort of Low Cost S/N activism! It is just terribly wrong to have s/n costs prohibitively high, to the point that many people can't/won't bother. My blood pressure spikes just thinking about this issue!

When I phoned around in my rural area of Norfolk County SW of Hamilton, I was quoted anywhere from $105 to $185 for a under 6 mo. female kitten spay...and I thought that wasn't great, after paying about $80 at a Winnipeg low-cost clinic. (These prices do not include 'extra' bloodwork, which I did in 2of the 5 cats, due to some health issues.)

There ARE areas of Europe and N. America where successful low-cost s/n clinics exist , and I'm going to do my best to find out how they do it, and why so many places don't. The Humane Society et al. have been advocating/educating re: the TOTAL BENEFITS of s/n for years, but people still 'litter' all over the place!!

Hasn't almost everyone seen the figures illustrating the absolutely staggering number of cats that can be produced by ONE breeding pair in about 10 years??...even allowing for average mortality etc., that first pair breeding results in THOUSANDS of cats in a decade. (Rabbits are known for their reproductive speed, but I don't think they're much worse than cats!!)

Sooooo many cute little kittens born....soooo many dying so soon; more s/n operations = far fewer homeless cats. (Guess I'm for the most part preaching to the choir, but talk it up!) Gotta calm down , and get totally rational to be effective, so I'm off...

p.s. do spread the PLEASE DON'T LITTER message .
Don't be a critter litterer!! ...also, R.I.P. OTTB [severe neglect] 'Monte Devil'-unforgotten.

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