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Soft Coated Wheaten skin problems

My Wheaten Mohito and I moved to Mexico 2 years ago. He went from Canadian to tropical climate. He is now 3 and 1/2 years old. Moving here has changed all our routines...heat, food, salt water etc... I used to feed him Solid Gold Holistic dog food and he had never had any allergic symptoms. Once here though, the choices I had for dog food was reduced.

It started when he ate some supermarket dog food out of another dogīs bowl. He developed an ich as well as scabs and bumps. Then I ran out of Solid Gold and had to find a healthy alternative. Iīve tried Sicence Diet, Eukaneuba but both have not worked. He was treated by a vet and the sores disappeared. He has been on a mono diet for the last 2 years. A lamb and rice formula from Samīs which was recommended. I changed vets cause i felt meds were just too much for him. Our new vet has prescribed baths 2 a week (alergroom and keratene) as well as sticking to the mono-diet. He is much better.

I now have a second dog, a kerry blue puppy, so Mohito sometimes steals some puppy food, and with that return the sores, itch and pimples (he sometimes smell bad too).

The vet says he is better, but I just canīt help feeling terrible for him...he now has his scabs again on his hind legs. And it seems his past scabs have remained to be black splotches on his skin, which I can see well when I bath him. He doesnīt scratch but I feel sometimes, when I pet him, the bumps and scabs. I still shampoo twice weekly, but if anyone out there has any other solutions...PLEASE LET ME KNOW....

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