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Its allright Bogwog, no offence taken, I just take in as much info as I can... you never know when I will need it! and thank you for your tip, it sounds very much like my cat (the first description, so I will ask my husband to give the vet a call..), I hope that can be treated. The problem is that I threw out the old food bag, so I cannot even remember the name or anything, or what the content was...I just know it was a real cheap food. *kicks self in the butt*

Cathy - Re food store, thank you so much!! I looked it up and will definitely plan a trip there in the next couple of weeks..

So far Max's condition has not changed much, he kinda refuses to eat, he just nibbles on the new food, but I can see the difference in the fur already. I bought a gentle anti-itch shampoo, will try that to give the poor thing some relief...he also allows me to check him more, as well as before he just would really behave weirdly..
I really appreciate everyones help and input, I hope we can find a way out soon.
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