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There is one thing about breeders who sell in the paper. First they need to build a reputation and a newspaper is the best way your able to screen out people who don't know a lot about the breed. It took my mom ten years to build a reputation and she gets calls about papillons all the time even though she doesn't breed anymore. Also when i bought charlie, i got him through an add in the paper the breeder made us do research before we brought him home by quizzing us about possible health risks and proper ear care it was weird being quizzed but it made me feel comfortable about buying him from a BYB who is now a kennel affliliated with the AKC. The breeder also does an in home visit and has visited my home three times since i bought him to make sure that he has a good home. Also she would get him i ever get rid of him and she would pay for him. ( 20% of the cost of the dog is depleted each year) She just did an in home visit about two months ago. Some breeders with reputation had to start out somehow...
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