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Thumbs down It is not Hypothyroidism

:sad: I had hoped that Violet had Hypothyroidism since that is what it seemed like it was ( her tail, coarse fur, being overweight ) but that is not the case.
The Vet called me Friday to tell me that Violet did not have Hypothyroidism & should be taken back to the vet to get a fur sample & a biopsy because it could be a Fongical Infection.
Violet has been taken now to 3 different vets, 3 different times & the blood tests and exam cost me a total of 170$ & since we still do not know whats wrong with her, she will be going back again.
I had really hoped that the vets would have been able to tell me just what is wrong with her so I can get her better. We do have a cat yet I do not think he his the cause of this unusual tail of hers. There is also a huge wart on her tail and when I asked the vet, she told me it was normal because Violet is 11. I am so lost as to what to do, if anyone has suggestions I would appreciate them. Thanks for listening xoxo
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