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Originally Posted by Micky View Post
I have a spayed male miniature poodle who is 9 years old I think he may be getting more aggressive as he gets older as he wasnt when he was younger. The other day he bit me on the hand quite hard when I was about to undo his harness and his food was nearby. He also growls and snaps at younger children and dogs and I'm afraid that if he bites a child he will have to be put down. Does anyone know how to please help me?
Originally Posted by FlynnMB View Post
I wonder if anyone can help me, I got a puppy last March whose mother was a pure bred cocker and the father was a border collie he was 5 weeks old when I got him, he is now 11 months old and is a lovely family pet, we love him & he loves us. He is very aggressive to anyone who is not within the immediate family. He ran after my mother snarling and he bit her on the ankle, he didn't break the skin, it was, what I call, a gummy bite but my mother (who is 72) was terrified, children and the postman is terrified. What do I do? 'Cause I love him so much. His name is Hector
Not to be nit-picky, but I think it's important to differentiate between animal/dog aggression and human aggression. The original post was about dog aggression, which people provided good solutions and/or management suggestions for.

The following posts however, deal with human aggression, a potentially much more serious problem, not only for the person getting bitten, but the dog and owner. Personally, I wouldn't be relying on forums and cookies in those kind of situations, I would be getting a full vet check (if the behavior was new) to make sure nothing medical was going on and then making an appointment with a behaviorist ASAP.
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