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Hmm training class. Im scared he wont like the other dogs and I thought I had to teach him the basics before we went to school so I could tell him to stop when hes doing bad things. ( To lucky THANKS FOR TEACHING ME THE ART OF SITTING, hes gettin the hang of it ) Does Pets Mart offer good training courses? And by the way, when im walking him after like 25 mins Jin just stops and doesnt want to go any further. I dont want to be mean and yank the leash hard to tell him we have to go. We were sitting in the same spot because Jinny didnt want to leave! How do I stop this bad habit of Jin just all of a sudden stoping and not going further. It was so late my dad had to drive us back home. Does Pets Mart offer good training courses? How do I stop Jins bad habit of just not wanting to walk or his adrupt stops? Hes fine most of the time but after a while he just stops.Does Pets Mart offer good training courses? Also Jin doesnt seem to know his name. He doesnt look over here when i say JIN. How do i tell Jin that THATS his name?
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