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Horror Stories

I would like to suggest a horror story site..... the day I picked up my Bichon from rescue was a nightmare..... I brought him home, showed him the house, took him for a walk, he got spooked by someone walking past us, jumped, snapped his collar and ran into a crowded street.... I spent 30 minutes trying to get him to safety... believe it or not the only thing that saved him, was that I found an empty water bottle laying on the sidewalk and used it as a toy to get his attention. When I finally got him home, I opened up his crate, (which he is supposed to like right?) turns out, he did not have good crate memories and he cowered and cried for about an hour. I don't know anything about dogs, he's my first, so I went with my gut. Picked him up, layed down in bed with him til he calmed down and he has been my shadow ever since.
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