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Some more details

Hi again,
I was hoping to see some info pertaining to my situation, but instead theres a conversation about dental hygiene..? LOL
Anyways, I thought I would elaborate abit on Max's condition..I mentioned that his fur was feeling icky, but he isnt bleeding, that was the first thing I checked for, he just feels very oily and dirty...
Now, I went like a mad person, into 4 different stores, comparing the foods out there to what the vet gave me, and frankly, I didnt find any of them to be any better...and some that were slightly better - were WAY TOO EXPENCIVE. Most of them have either corn or rice fillers as a primary content, then it states chicken meal or chicken by product, so since the vet told me that he is most probably allergic to the chicken, why would I want to get chicken..? In any case, right now, I have the bag that I bought from the vet (its duck meal, potato meal and some grains..) and I will continue with that for now, to see if any improvement, I think there is, he isnt scratching like mad any more, still itchy though, I can tell by the way he rubs himself on my fingers when I pet him..Hes only been on the new food for 2 days.
I should have also mentioned that about 3 months ago I made a BIG mistake and switched his food to one I found in the US, I believe it was some store brand, it was cheap, and he liked it, so I bought more...And I am sure now that this situation is directly linked to that food. Now, reading all the info on this website, and feeling much more educated about these things, I am beating myself for doing that to my cat...He is also the kind of cat that does not touch any table scraps, well maybe a tiny piece of chicken breast once in a blue moon, but its usually really really tiny and really really rare...he doesnt touch the canned food either, I have tried everything. He only eats dry food.
He also has some crazy hairballs, but its not surprising, if he is itchy, and licks himself with the fur coming off like nuts, no wonder....
So I hope this post gives you some more insight into the situation...
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