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OK, this is my first listen to a pod cast.
Brutally honest huh .....

Liked the tone / voice of the podcast, so did my cat who listened very intently all through. Laughed at the "here puppy, puppy, puppy stuff".

Thought you could be more concise on a few issues, was some rambling re: the water bottle bits/danger toys etc.

Also, helpful hint re: water bottle toy is to put a few kernels of rice or something that rattles in it.

Expand the whole find it exercise to include searching the house for a favorite toy. I am hesitant to anything that would encourage digging outside personally .

Overall I thought it was fairly good although perhaps a little long. Personally my attention span for this sort of thing is around the 7-8 minute range.

Would pay to see some video footage of you on your knees playing "dog" .
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