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Post Tough Love is the best solution

Hi this is Dalia from the Wizard of Paws, I am a Certified Professional Trainer. Whining is caused mostly by seperation anxiety afraid to be alone, but sometimes dogs just do it because they can get away with it, or they they are so eager to move around that they cant sit still.
Suggestion: when having seperation anxiety sometimes a good way to stop it is to boost there confidence up. by teaching them the wait command[B] Having the leash in 1 hand, have the dog sit if can, or just being still. using a treat or there favorite toy, and stepping back slowly, and saying wait the few steps back. Having them focus on you and the toy/treat in your hand while your your index finger in your other hand is held up in the wait position. praise while stepping back saying good wait, and then slowly come close to them again, and still say wait, and praise. and then release them when you feel they are relaxed and not ancy, and say ok- free dog; and they get the treat/toy. This is a great excercise, to build up to the stay command which is more permanent 2+ min. and you will find that if your dog learns wait they are better on leash, and relaxed more.
If the dog is so eager and whines to be with you or the treat while you are stepping back, then say ah ah or quiet, or no whines, and usaually if you take the object out of there focus for a second and say no wait, still holding your finger up they realize that if they whine they wont get a reward at the end. just a correction. Sometimes if they are whining, then be stern and say quiet in a low voice, or u could try the spray bottle method just make sure they dont know the squirt is coming from you, and say no at the same time as spraying. dont spray on face that is a direct shot, and theyll know its you that did it spray on the chest or back, only when dog is not focusing on you and whining/barking. you want to treat the bottle like the barking collar as if the dog is the one that caused the water to come out. I highly recommend instead of just water, dilute with lemon juice, dogs hate lemon sent, just like the bark collar. always put the bottle behind your back so dog can not see that you sprayed it or have it. otherwise they will continue whining, you want to scare them, so they wont do it again. if they is anymore info feel free to contact me at

take care, Dalia Saltzman
Dalia Shifra Saltzman
Certified Professional Trainer
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