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Good idea to give it 48 there any way that YOU can check the usage or get whatever company you're with check the usage? Or would that be asking the company too much?

Seriously...record how much usage you're at, don't go online at all for two days (turn off your wireless cards in the laptops) and then ask them if the usage went up....if you can't well there goes that idea.....if the usage goes up then you have a hijacker somewhere....
Videotron tracks our daily usage, as we have a monthly quota, BUT cannot tell us from which IP address the data is linked to, only "to our account" whatever that means! and they don't do jack ***** for you if you use a broadband router... Hubby is the only one that downloads files of any size and he has been tracking everything for months now, there is no way he downloads 3 GIGS of data in one day not even in a month! During the holidays we were not home for a few days so used no internet, on our next bill it will be easy to track.

the problem is that we KNOW we are being hijacked, but we're on our own on how to fix it we've been given wonderful advice and suggestions here, and we're trying everything one at a time. videotron sucks, that's all i have to say... and we might very well ditch them soon!
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