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Originally Posted by x.l.r.8 View Post
If I'm reading this right, someone was still accessing your account while you had your network hard wired, if this is so then you have someone accessing your account using your information, not your home system, all they need is your passcode and your login details, this could have been picked up via spyware or keystroke program, or worse, someone from the store. I would start by changinf your connect password, your username to connect with, the other computer usernames and add some numbers to the end of your passwords on those computers, however as I said, if they have been using your account with the wireless turned off and your system hardwired, then they are using your information, not your physical router.
As far as I can tell this isn't what's happened...she's turned the router OFF at night and is still being hit with high bills...

If your provider isn't even making a *token* try at helping you then they suck and you should move to a different company. I've heard bad things about Bell but nothing this bad least they have *passable* customer service.

Good idea to give it 48 there any way that YOU can check the usage or get whatever company you're with check the usage? Or would that be asking the company too much?

Seriously...record how much usage you're at, don't go online at all for two days (turn off your wireless cards in the laptops) and then ask them if the usage went up....if you can't well there goes that idea.....if the usage goes up then you have a hijacker somewhere....

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