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Originally Posted by LL1 View Post
I had thought of getting one,but now I am concerned.And have zero technical skills.Do you think they will come up with easier fail proof ways to stop this from happening with future models?
You're general purpose run of the mill hacker won't get you into this problems....if they do go beyond trying for your WEP and go on to spoof (fake) their MAC to yours then you've got a pro you're dealing with and you're pretty much screwed any way you look at it. Don't let this throw you since again most people aren't pros. The run of the mill hacker may try the WEP key but if s/he's just in for the heck of it (to run Limewire off your connection kind of thing) then they'll give up and try for something else.

From the sounds of it TD you've got one hell of a pro or you've got something on you're computers that is dialing China through the naughty lines or something....If the logs say you have only the two MACs....well you could have a worm...or you are dealing with an uber pro....

If its a pro then you're kinda out of luck as to the wireless and you'll probably have to settle for wired (at least for now). It should only cost you guys the money to get the two cables for the're wireless router should already have at least two ports (places to stick the wire into) for the wires....depending on how old your laptops are you should have a port on each of them too. So it really should only cost you like 30 bucks total (15 for each wire after taxes).

I would say after seeing what's going on with this wireless thing to try wired for a month....if the two of you are connected through the wire for a month and you've still got a crazy high bill then its on your computer.

So now I'm gonna change tact here....

Download and run the following programs (unless you've already got them). Don't run them all at the same time:

- Spybot S&D
- Adaware
- Ewido Antispyware

Try running online virus scans...there's a few free ones here:,450,0,0,1,0

Those are from my provider....they have awesome customer service too (not to brag)....Don't worry about the patches just the free virus scans....those are most important right now....

What are you using as your virus scanner right now?

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