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That being said, are you sure it is your router, and not a worm or something on one of your computers? I'm wondering if they are somehow accessing your wireless computer and getting on the net that way.
that's just it, we *don't* know... thanks to mesaana we got some kick-butt technical help now , we finally started to record the router's log tonight to see if anyone else is accessing our network from the outside. In 24 hours we will get a picture of the activity. IF we don't see anyone else's IP, only our two machines, then we have a bigger problem than we thought... "worm"

well, come to think of it... how do we STOP someone from accessing our network from the ouside, period! yes we locked the router to our two MAC addresses, we changed our network name, we are not broadcasting it, we added all the security levels the router allowed... what a freaking headache eh?

"stay tuned"!
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