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Originally Posted by mesaana
my computer security expert thinks that this would cost you about 10$, not 100$... am I missing something?
oh man that would be amazing! i checked and a 10-foot cable is around $15, we need two. hubby said the splitter runs from $30 to $50... factor in the taxes... sigh. I'll ask at work if they have anything on hand i could borrow first. and also investigating all other info, MUST get to the bottom of this... this billing cycle ends on Jan 11th so I know that we will AGAIN be hit with another high bill in a few weeks. this cannot continue.

Originally Posted by petfriendly
If you log in to your router, can you ever 'see' the intruder? What if its a billing issue and the service you are paying for is actually being delivered somewhere else (ok, so its a stretch but there aren't many other options at this point) ?
No we don't see anyone and Videotron assured me the downloaded data was linked to our account and no-one else... their customer service isn't so hot either.

i really appreciate everyone's help and the day something works, you will hear about it!
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