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i'm at my wit's end and about to cry. just received another invoice and despite all our attempts at protecting our account, IT HAS MADE ZERO DIFFERENCE. we are still being hijacked this has been going on for months now.

should we just ditch videotron and sign up with Bell? they offer highspeed internet? we don't have a phone line so... sigh. it's all so frigging complicated. Videotron doesn't give a crap and can't/ won't help us since we have a broadband router. Now the modem only has one cable output, and we're two here online all the time. the only thing we haven't done is get a splitter and two cables and stay (inconveniently) physically plugged to the modem for a month (about $100 worth of equipment to "test" this! ) then we would know if the hijackers are using the wireless to get into our systems OR if they're already in there, duplicated our MAC addresses and it's all so much CRAP!

i'm sooo tired of this... help
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