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I'm certainly not doubting the efficacy of nutraceuticals! I use herbal/home remedies also, in conjunction with allopathic care as warranted; although my initial response to something relatively minor like a human cold or KC is to do nothing at all and let the body deal with it naturally. (To me naturally means without herbs OR meds.)

I just wanted to add a little stuff about KC for others' benefit too...last fall a friend brought a rescue into my house for a little while, turns out she had a raging case of KC. Two of my dogs got it, two didn't...interestingly enough the two who did NOT get it were my very very old GSDx who is in failing health (she's basically in hospice mode now ) and my youngest Rottie, who was in terrible shape as a shelter rescue and has had recurring, stubborn staph infections. The two really "healthy" dogs who are in (I thought) absolutely prime condition were gaakkking and hacking for 2 weeks.

Go figure.
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