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Great pics, but if it was me...

Pic 1: Just the lighting would be different. The shadow on the branch in focus takes away the feeling like this branch is out alone.. You know what I mean? The shadow makes it more claustrophobic. Hard to explain.. Oh and I would have opened the aperture a bit more to get the background branches more blended in...

Pic 2: I would have put the aperture a bit smaller. Just a bit. So all the grassy thingies would be in focus, but the background wouldn't have been. Or if it was already small, I'd have opened it up and just gotten a couple in the same plane in focus... You know? the background blurry ones just take away from the front ones.

Pic 3: Just the lighting again. Of course, in Quebec, in the winter, you can't always pic your lighting, but if you could, I'd have the light coming from above at an angle... So the pumpkinny guy had no shadows on him. A filler flash might also have made that picture better... Oh and same for the aperture. You're kind of in the middle, so it's half in focus and half not. You just have to decide if you want us to see it or not. If you want us to see the background, pump it up and if you don't, open up the aperture all the way.

Don't forget that with digital, you can shoot the pic as is, and then move the settings and shoot again and again. Later on, you look at them and decide which technique you like best. The good thing about digital is it saves everything about how you shot the pic so you can recreate it.

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