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Smile Kennel Cough remedy that works!

I recently obtained a chow/ keeshond mix from a Humane Society in my state. I currently owned a keeshond who needed a friend. After bringing him home, and being assured he had all vaccinations back in June, he began coughing! I paniced and isolated him from my other dog. Everything I read on-line said my other dog would already have contracted it and I knew I was in for a major 2 week nightmare with Kennel Cough! Having 4 small kids and 4 inside cats I knew I could not handle separating these two dogs for that length of time or afford unreasonable vet bills. After careful research of herbal remedies here's what I did and it worked! Not only did it shorten the kennel cough in my one dog, the other never got it (and she's not vaccinated against it)!

- 1 tablet garlic
- 1 tablet 500 mg. vitamin C
- 1 capsule echinacea

3x's a day for 5-7 days. The echinacea and garlic can be mixed with canned food, the dogs like the vit. C.

I have always treated my kids herbally when they were sick and my cats homeopathically for urinary tract infections (for about $10 vs. $120.00 with a vet!), so why not try it with my dogs? I tell you, it works!
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