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Originally Posted by Prin View Post
I get the biologic vet salmon oil, so I checked out their site and they've got a couple with taurine (and they might help a lot of other things too): (the only one with a higher amount of taurine in it- 15mg)

This is the one I use:
It's a squirt pump you keep in the fridge. Really helps with the coat too. It has 5mg of taurine per pump... And it has next to no protein in it at all...

Either the joint one, the vites or the salmon oil would be the ones I'd suggest more (in that order).
Wow, that was fast! Thank you!!!!! Hmm, I think the vites one sounds promising. It's powder form. Do you just pour it on top of their food? I have no idea if he'll eat it or not, but guess I'll give it a try! I was hoping to find something in liquid form that could be squirted on top of his dry food, but hopefully the powder will be just as easy.

Side note, you mentioned you use this for your dogs as well? Would you recommend something like this for a healthy dog as well? Petey eats 2 cups of Canidae a day, but I'm not currently giving him any kind of supplements or anything. Now I'm wondering if this would be good for him too! I like the idea of better coat health for him.

ETA: Ok, stupid question! I take it you can't buy them from this site? I don't see any kind of purchase option, lol. Do you buy yours online or from a local pet supply store?
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