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Thats right, dogs where designed to eat cooked food

People always say "well dogs in the wild don't live as long as family pets." Why do you think that is? If they break a leg, they don't have a vet to fix it. They have to compete with other dogs for food. They have to be out in the elements all the time, rain/wind/snow. They have to actually hunt their food, and can go weeks without feeding. Dogs in the wild have life way harder then our family pets. If anything, its their diet that keeps them alive for so long. That allows them to survive in the conditions that they do. Sorry, end rant.

And no I don't want this to get into a kibble vs raw debate. I support both ways of feeding, my cats still get kibble and I would feed Canidae in a second if i had too. Its just there are countless books out there from professionals that support this diet. And yes, there are countless that don't as well, and as said above, you have to weed through it all, and come to your own conclusions, but to me, it just seems so simple. Raw is not a fad. Its whats natural. Its what they're designed to eat.
Please please please give Maggie the steak! Its not too big for her little mouth!

Their impression of power is remarkable. They give one the feeling of immense reserves of energy, of great reservoirs of knowledge, of tolerance of disposition, obstinacy of purpose, and tenacity of principle. They are responsive, and they have a lot of quiet, good sense.

-J. Wentworth Day, from The Dog in Sport, 1938
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