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Originally Posted by LM1313
It said if you're getting food meant for human consumption, that the instance of parasites is "negligible." It also said that most parasites come from stillborn calves or sheep placentas. 83% of infected chickens (yes, meant for human consumption) is not a negligible percentage, in my opinion.
what you might want to understand here, IMO, is that dogs are equipped to deal with these "parasites" and bacterial loads, nature did not intend for their food supply to be sterilized and so they have bodies and GI tracks specifically designed to deal with things that would indeed harm a human. dogs are not humans and you cannot compare how both species digest and process foods.

that being said, my dogs have never gotten sick from eating raw meats, even if left outside for days and being super stinky, i grind massive amounts of raw chicken and handle more meat in a day that normal people see in a week, none of us have gotten sick in any way and i am not the tidiest of housekeepers, LOL! so a LOT of this "information" you need to take with a grain of salt.

Twisted Angel has done her reseach, she knows what she's dealing with and I encourage her to continue her pursuit in raw-feeding kaiden when the time allows. it IS nature's perfect diet for our furry friends, after all, so who are we humans to mess with it?
"Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine"

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