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Be careful of chicken. Consumer Reports recently found that 83% of fresh broiler chickens have campylobacter and/or salmonella. They found it to be present with all brands, including "premium" ones you pay more for. One exception: Ranger, a Pacific Northwest "no-antiobiotics" brand was safer than other brands. But in general organic/no-antibiotic brands fared worse than "regular" brands.

Frankly, your mom is right about the quality of information on the internet; sometimes it's accurate, sometimes it's not, and usually you have to use your best judgement to tell the difference. Out of curiosity I checked out what that "raw myths" website had to say about parasites . . . It said if you're getting food meant for human consumption, that the instance of parasites is "negligible." It also said that most parasites come from stillborn calves or sheep placentas. 83% of infected chickens (yes, meant for human consumption) is not a negligible percentage, in my opinion.
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