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Hi my name is Nancy and I live in the UK, I found this site when I was greiving for the loss of my baby boy Freeway in Aug 05, I tend to pop in and lurk most days.

We currently have 2 huskies, Lucca - 5 male white with brown eyes and Mia 3 black & white with blue eyes, we also have 4 cats, Suzy woo - all black (4), Millie - torty (5), Lucy - tabby - (15) and Albie - all ginger female - 6 months.

I also work as a ferral rescue co-ordinator for the surrounding villages - luckily ferral strays are not that common in the UK, as our winters are not that cold, we tend to spay and vaccinate the adults and release them and rehome the kittens (Albie was one of my latest rescues).

In the past we have rehomed - pidgeons, parrots and hamsters, also rabbits and guinea pigs also a monk jack deer that just wandered into our street.
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