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Dog's anal glands - Emptying

Hi. We have two mixed breed dogs that have pretty predictable problems. The larger dog will very suddenly start licking back there like it hurts and the smaller dog scoots. With previous dogs, I was able to express the glands externally by holding the tail very vertically and reaching around the gland with thumb and finger. Of course a paper towel separated me from the nastiness that IS anal gland content. With our current two dogs I could not express the glands externally so I took them to vet and she was able to express the glands by inserting a gloved, lubricated finger into the dogs' anuses and express them from the inside. I asked her how to do this and she told me the glands were (if the anus is a clock) at 8 o'clock and 4 o'clock or lower.

I just now did this for both dogs. I took them outside for the procedure. I held the dog's tail vertical, and inserted the finger and found the glands. I got the finger farther inside than the glands and pressed against the rectum behind each gland as I withdrew my finger. IT WORKED! Both glands were filled on the larger dog and only one on the smaller dog. The beauty of this is threefold:
1) The dogs were not hassled and scared by a trip to the vet; 2) The investment in gloves and lubricant just paid for itself 2.5 times over in five minutes; 3) I saved a load of time.

This is really easy. Anybody can do this.
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