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As everyone knows, I had to swap Kaiden off nasty Alpo and Ol'Roy to Canidae. Well a couple days ago I got to the last can of Canidae and opened a bag of Merrick. He HATES it. He refuses to touch it unless he is starving, even when I wet it. And when I add meat and egg shell powder (to avoid throwing off the calcium : phosporous ratio) he just picks the meat out and leaves the kibble. I am probably just going to start ordering Canidae online, but I still have a whole bag to go through so what do I do in the meantime? Nicky and JR like it, so I will give whats left to them, but what do I feed Kaiden until then.

I need to rant. This week couldn't get any worse. They sent the wrong cord for my camera and I had to send it back. And my mom is up high on her throne this week if you know what I mean. I gave Kaiden some raw chicken earlier (which he loved by the way, I almost didn't get my fingers back) My sister told my mother. I was expecting the whole "he's too young you'll make him sick thing" but instead I got "Don't you ever do that again you'll turn him into a chicken killer blah blah blah" I argued. She said she had a setter as a kid that was shot for running chickens after grandpa fed it raw chicken. Whatever. The point is I now realize the whole "wait until he is old enough" thing was BS and that he was NEVER going to be old enough for her to let me feed him raw. I am SOOO mad I could If she wasn't going to let me do it then why not tell me in the first place? She was just trying to shut me up. Oh and of course she's always right because she's OLDER. Hmph. I think I am actually going to cry. Kaiden has to eat yucky processed food until I move out when he is almost 2, and the worst part is that my mother LIED to me. That may not be a big deal with some people but she NEVER LIES to me. She says that if I am capable of thinking like an adult that I am capable of handling the truth. So much for that.
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