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Thanks guys!

Oh, Joey is just too cute!!! There was a pet adoption at my Petsmart this past Saturday, and they had a brown cocker that looked just like Joey. She was a little girl that had been forced to live in a cage and have puppies...and she was still basically a puppy herself! Oh, I wanted to get her so bad! But I don't dare get another dog with Billy. He is terrified of other dogs and I will not stress him out during his last days. But oh my, she was just the sweetest, most adorable thing. So calm and cuddly. Petey really liked her too. I learned that puppy mills are against the law in Minnesota, but not in Iowa, which is where she was rescued from. She wasn't adopted yet, so my trainer is going to keep me updated on her story. Hopefully she'll find a great forever home too. But I instantly thought of Joey when I saw her!
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