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Evo Cat Food & Hairballs

Well after trying a few brands, my three cats have been on the Evo for a few months now. They all love it! Problem is one of them seems to be getting a lot of hairballs on it. Before I would find the odd hair ball, but now its almost daily or every other day I find a new one. Problem is I cant tell which cat its coming from as its usually done during the night or during the day when I'm at work.

thing is, I'm not sure if the food is related to the hairballs or not. I'm unsure what to do here. Switch foods again, and hope it goes away, or less frequence, or just ignore the hairballs and chalk it up to normal cat behaviour? Finding a quality food all three like is a pita! So I'm hesitant at going that route.

Please please please give Maggie the steak! Its not too big for her little mouth!

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