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Gagging while purring


I'm interested in this thread because I've been unable to find a solution for a similar problem I'm having with my male cat. When he purrs, he creates so much congestion that he coughs and gags. This only happens when he purrs, and he is otherwise fine - never has runny eyes or nose, or coughs or gags for any other reason. The congestion appears to be nasal rather than his lungs, and my vet said his lungs were clear. But it's quite bad. It's as if purring creates so much nasal phelgm [he acutally gurgles], that he gets some kind of post nasal drip and then hacks and gags. He doesn't regurgitate anything from his stomach [as in the previous post with vomiting]. He may occasionally expel phlegm with this though.

It's really sad because it prevents us from petting him for very long, and this problem has been persistent for about 2 years [he's 10 years old and in otherwise excellent health].....he starts as soon as he starts purring, which he does as soon as any of us get close to him. He's a real cuddler, but he usually has to get up and leave because this makes him so uncomfortable.

Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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