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Willaby needs a home

My name is Willaby. I am a Japanese Bobtailfemale cat and I was found on Mount Pleasent Road in Point Claire. I was so tired and hungry that I could not make it across the road. So I laid there wondering if a car would kill me . A woman came to my rescue and took me home. She had already adopted 2 cats from Lucky Rescue and called us for help. You see I was ready to give birth to my babies and did so that night. I had 8 beautiful manx kittens {no tails}. Lucky Rescue came to my aid and already 2 of my kittens will be going to wonderful homes. One of my kittens, the runt of the litter, wasn't doing well at all. Thanks to Jayne she will hand feed her so she can have a fighting chance. I have had a few other litters in the past. I had a home near where I was found but they put me out. A lot of people knew about me but nobody helped except for that one nice lady. My kittens and me will all be fixed. We will all be available for adoption as soon as my kittens are old enough which should be in another 7 weeks, which should be around the 14th of August. Homes with no kids or other pets please.
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